Kumi Hospital is a Private Not For Profit (PNFP) facility located in eastern Uganda, 300km from Kampala. It is a rural hospital which transformed from a leprosy centre to a general hospital in 1997.

The aim of Friends of Kumi Hospital is to provide aid for the development and support of Kumi Hospital as a whole. The objectives are to do this through assistance with funding for:

  • Development of infrastructure of the hospital
  • Medical equipment for the hospital
  • Training and continuous education of national staff
  • Facilitating links with visiting clinicians
  • Projects to raise the profile of the hospital as ‘A Place of Excellence in Rehabilitation Medicine and Disability Care’
  • Projects aimed at the local community in health education and community based rehabilitation (CBR)

There is only one doctor in Uganda for every 20,000 patients. On average, a single medical officer in a district hospital sees 100 patients per day in addition to attending to emergencies on a 24 hour basis. A job that is meant for 3-4 doctors is carried out by one person.

United Nations Development Programme Human Development Report 2002 for Uganda

  • Population 23.3 million
  • Life Expectancy 44 years
  • Income per capita: $1,208
  • Under nourished people: 25%
  • Health expenditure per person: $18
  • People living with HIV/AIDS: 5%


Health workers not to blame for Uganda’s poor healthcare

The Observer – Francis Kiwewa

20th May 2009

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