UK Members

As a UK member of Friends of Kumi Hospital we are grateful for your support and promotion of our work, in whatever way you choose. In return for this you may (at your wish):

- Receive the newsletter by post or email
- Attend annual general meetings (AGM's)
- Propose and vote in new Trustees at meetings
- Propose and vote on project funding at meetings
- Attend project trips to Kumi Hospital in Uganda (self financed)

If you would like to be a member of Friends of Kumi Hospital please download the membership form and tick the gift aid box if you are a UK tax payer. This form should then be sent to the trustee in charge of membership:

Pauline Allcock
11 West Way
Lincoln LN2 2SD

Ugandan Membership

The Ugandan membership is managed by the 2 national trustees, Rev Charles Okwi and Rev Jeremiah Acelun. The Ugandan membership includes staff of the hospital from each of the departments, as well as local residents from Kumi Town and surrounding areas, to represent all of the needs of the hospital.


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