Clinicians and students

Kumi Hospital has a lot to offer both qualified clinicians and students, but can equally benefit from a partnership. Kumi has registered to be partnered with an NHS hospital through THET (Tropical Health and Education Trust) but remains awaiting a partnership to be offered.
Just some of the benefits for clinicians and students are as follows:


  • Experience of tropical medicine
  • Challenge of working in a more demanding environment
  • International health development - possibilities of funding
  • Opportunities for research
  • Cross cultural experience
  • Hospital guesthouse accommodation available



  • More direct hands on experience
  • Medicine in a more challenging environment
  • Paediatrics & orthopaedics speciality
  • Experience in health development on the CV
  • A chance for fundraising experience
  • Cross cultural experience
  • Hospital guesthouse accommodation available



Kumi Hospital can benefit though partnerships with hospitals and medical schools particularly through the following means:


  • Research opportunities
  • Visiting specialist surgeons
  • Specialist training & education of staff
  • Equipment & appliances
  • Student exchange programmes
  • Educational resources books & journals



If you are interested in spending time at Kumi Hospital as a student or fully qualified doctor, nurse, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, dentist, radiographer or social worker, please contact us on the contacts page or send us a direct email to

Below are a number of documents created by some of the departments of Kumi Hospital, available to download and read.

Download Quinine Doc
Download CBM Doc
Download OT Doc
Download Ortho workshop Doc
Download Medical Dept Doc


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