The following are links to websites of various organisations around the world that also support Kumi Hospital


Kumi Hospital

The official website or Kumi Hospital itself

Foundation Kumi Uganda Hospital
A Dutch website set up by a midwife named Steffie Swallmen, raising money for the obstetric services at Kumi Hospital.

Christian Blind Mission (CBM)
The website for CBM, a charity that has supported Kumi Hospital since 1997 and continues to finance the CBR (community based rehab) services.

Esther Rauen
A website set up by Esther Rauen, a German nutritionalist who worked at Kumi Hospital, in the nutrition unit between 2005-2007.

Elspeth Robinson
A webiste set up by Elspeth Robinson, a retired physiotherapist who has been helping raise money for, and working alongside Kumi Hospital since 2005.

The website for AMREF, a medical charity that supports Kumi Hospital by sending visiting surgeons for VVF (vesigo vaginal fistula) and urology surgery, a number of times a year.

Leprosy Mission
The website for the Leprosy Mission, a charity that has supported Kumi Hospital, since the very beginning, and continues to assist the leprosy work at the hospital, as well as the socio economic development of people affected by leprosy.

Ugandan Ministry of Health
The website for the Ugandan Ministry of Health, which is in charge of health policies in Uganda, as well as a small amount of financial support of Kumi Hospital.

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