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News from Kumi Hospital:

 Good news from the hospital - the nutrition unit has finally re-opened after being closed for 2 years and the newly trained orthopaedic surgeon has now started work. This will have a large impact on the types of patients attending the hospital, as he will be one of only two orthopaedic surgeons in the whole of the Eastern Region.

Kumi Hospital has also got a new technical multi disciplinary board of Govenors. It will be chaired by Dr. Egwau Godfrey retired gynaecologist from the Eastern Region. This will bring fresh ideas and plans for the hospital.





News from the Charity:

It is with great sadness that we must announce the passing of the late Rev Jeremiah Acelun, who was one of the founding local trustees for Friends of Kumi Hospital. Jeremiah played a pivitol role in the planning, delivery and success of the charity projects since it's inception and will be greatly missed.

In May 2015 three of the trustees visited Kumi Hospital and had meetings with the new management staff, alongside the Ugandan trustees. The meetings were highly succesful and plans have been made for future projects for the hospital and charity - including the desire to build and start a nursing and midwifery school on site. We are now looking in particular for someone with nursing or midwifery experience who would like to spend 2-3 months in Kumi Hospital to gather sufficient information for the project proposal to be submitted to UK trusts for funding requests. If this is of interest to you personally or someone you know please Contact Us in addition to any other interest that you might have in visiting or working for the hospital.


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