Patients waiting for a paediatric clinic by a visiting clinician



Building of the attendants shelter


Hospital bedding provided as part of the infection control project

Kumi Hospital Refurbished Ward


Aims and Objectives


The aim of Friends of Kumi Hospital is to provide aid for the development and support of Kumi Hospital as a whole. The objectives are to do this through assistance with funding for:


  • Development of infrastructure of the hospital

  • Medical equipment for the hospital

  • Training and continuous education of national staff

  • Facilitating links with visiting clinicians

  • Projects to riase the profile of the hospital as 'A place of excellence in rehabilitation medicine and disability care'

  • Projects aimed at te local community in health education and community based rehabilitation

How we work with Kumi Hospital

Kumi Hospital has created a five and ten year plan which Friends of Kumi Hospital uses to identify projects that we should undertake. Some of these projects may require us to link in with other larger medical charities with a more substancial income, whilst others may be ones that we can embark on on our own.


Our Promise

We are committed to spending at least 90% of our income on projects alone - so far the charity has achieved keeping administrative costs to under 10%, even as little as 3% in some years! Members and supporters of the charity can therefore guarantee that they know where and how their money is being spent.

For specific information regarding the current projects that are being undertaken by Friends of Kumi Hospital, please see the individual categories of Human Resources, Infrastructure and Medical and Development above.

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